The solution to solve any computer problem is here…


We have learnt how to extract information from our computer and we are going to show you. First of all you have to download hirens boot CD which is used to resolve boot faults on computers. It has many programs that are very useful. Here, we show you how to create a hiren’s boot CD.


  1. Download the hiren’s boot CD OS in this link. It will take a lot of time but don’t worry.
  2. Download yumi or any other multiboot creator. This is the link to yumi.
  3. Click in the zip of hiren’s boot CD and extract the ISO.Sin título.png
  4. Open yumi. In the step 1 select your USB and in the second look for “Hiren’s boot cd” it is by the end of the list. Then, click on browse and search your iso.4
  5. Finally click create and wait untill it finishes.


If we identify all the hardware components of our PC we will know the drivers that the computer needs, but how can we know the components of the PC? If we are in a windows 8 computer, first we have to click to my pc, and then go to the properties and we will get this:

windows 8

Now we know the computer processor, which in our case is AMD E1-2500 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics 1’40 Ghz, this is different in each computer. Also we know the that RAM is 4’00 GB but only 3’45 GB are usable. The system of the computer is a 64 bits with a processor x64. This one isn’t tactile.

But when we boot our computer with hirens boot cd we obtain other information, and we have other programs:


  1. We insert our pen drive with the hirens boot cd in the computer.
  2. We boot the computer and select our pendrive.Snapchat-1448028910107619490
  3. Here we have to select Mini Windows Xp.3EOWLh4j-hiren-s-bootcd-s-
  4. In the desktop we have to press HBCD Menu.Screenshot 20160127-075434
  5. Tap programs, and then system information.Mini Windows XP
  6. Then click CPU-Z.

    In the CPU we obtain the name of the processor, that is AMD K140.
Our computer has a memory of 4096 MBytes.

SPD SLOT 1Sin título

There are 2 different slots:

  1. Slot 1: it has 4096 bits, a max bandwidth of 800 MHz (PC3-12800), the manufacturer is Hyundai Electronics, his part number is HMT451U6AFR8A-PB and his serial number is 4B96A4FE.
  2. Slot 2: it has 4096 bits, a max bandwidth of 800 MHz (PC3-12800), the manufacturer is Samsung, his part number is M378B5173DB0-CK0 and his serial number is 9501A9B2.



  1. What is it? A driver is a software (program), which have a code that performs a specific function, in other words, a set of instructions developed to accomplish a task.
  2. Are they usseful? The answer is yes, they allow the operating system (Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc) to communicate with hardware or devices in your computer. Without drivers, hardware you connect to your computer (for example, a video card or a webcam) will not work correctly.
  3. How can we get it? You only have to download them. When you buy a computer, you get some disks where the drivers are.



This mode is to use a program in DOS(Disk Operating System). You access to a menu that offers you many categories of programs (test RAM, MemTest, hard disk test, storage programs) as it is shown in this pictures:

In this one, you can sww how to boot the computer for DOS programs  getting into your BIOS, selecting your USB with hiren’s boot and enter in DOS programs.
Here are some useful tools.
This are the rest of the tools.



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