Harald Bluetooth

We are Cristina, Marina and Aitana and here it’s the project we have been doing about the viking Harald Bluetooth. It consists on linking and explaining the story of the Harald with the story of the Bluetooth technology and its name. But we want to make it in an entertaining way, so instead of writing the story without more, we decided to do a comic which is also more visual.

The word ‘Bluetooth’ is taken from the 10th century Danish King Harald, who unified Scandinavian people tribes into a single kingdom. Bluetooth likewise was intended to unify different technologies, such us personal computers and cell phones. The Bluetooth especification was fisrt developed in 1994 by Ericsson Mobile Comunication Ltd.The Bluetooth logo is derived from the old Danish runes of ᚼ and ᛒ.

The first two scenes are about the viking story  and then, there is a change of background that tells about what is bluetooth and how they decided the name. We hope you like it!




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